Amy Gahan


I’m Amy, a student at North Carolina State University, and for 3 years I have been running Amy G. Photography. While I have previously photographed just about everything, I am now focusing more on photographing portraits and small businesses


My personal goal in shooting portraits is for everyone to have a great time while capturing some gorgeous photos. It’s a really special thing to have images of ourselves that we love and can keep forever in remembrance of a special time in our lives!

Commercial Photography

I am also interested in commercial photography for small businesses, so if you own a small business or know one that could use some gorgeous photography, contact me! As a fellow entrepreneur I completely understand the struggle of trying to stand out and attract possible customers, so lets work together to increase your social media engagement and website views with beautiful content!


My Loves: Movies, HGTV, country music, animals (all, but specifically my own fur baby Pumpkin), traveling (Especially to the Florida Keys!)

When I am not photographing portraits or small businesses, I am typically photogr, getting inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, or working outside in my garden.


My Story

I’ve been obsessed with photography ever since I got a tiny silver digital camera as a Christmas present when I was five. I was at my Grandma's house in Florida, and my Dad sent me, my sister, my brother and our cousin out in my Grandma’s neighborhood with a list of things to photograph with our cameras, like a photo scavenger hunt. I still distinctly remember taking a picture of a fire hydrant and a squirrel on this adventure (Haha!). Ever since then I’ve been glued to the idea of capturing and remembering beautiful moments with the best gear I had. From that first small digital camera I got a digital Powershot and then moved to first DSLR a Canon T2i (one of the GREATEST cameras ever!) and when that one died from too much water in the battery compartment (dealing with Florida humidity and electronics is an uphill battle) I got my Canon 70D and then just last year upgraded to my 5D Mark IV! And all along the way I’ve learned as much as I can, and I continue to learn every day!

Pictured: Stoli (She passed away last August) and Pumpkin

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