Winter Trip

Here are some photos from my ski trip that I took with family a few weekends ago! We had some pretty great weather for the four days we were there! It was an amazingly clear and relatively warm first day, then some crazy snowy days and another beautiful, clear day to end the scenic trip! 

 Snowy road on the side of a mountain with a car driving down on it
 Snowy road on a mountain side
 Snowy road in a fog and a deer sprinting across
  Snowy road in a fog and a deer sprinting across
  Snowy road in a fog and a deer sprinting across
  Snowy road in a fog and a deer sprinting across


 Snow outfit store display with snowy tree and twinkly lights

Preparing for the day!

 Skier and Snowboarder plan out their exciting day ahead on the mountain
 Mother and child's skis on a lift with a beautiful blue sky behind them

Lots of people in line for the lift

 Skier after hopping off a lift with beautiful snow dusted trees behind her
 snowboarder pushing himself to the top of a slope to go down with gorgeous snow covered trees behind him
 A skier excited after a good run
 ski lodge surrounded by snowy trees, skiers and snowboarders
 Photographer Amy G takes a selfie after photographing some winter sports

Quick selfie- haha

 A wide view of a ski slope
 skier smiles while skiing down a small slope 
 snowboarder snowboarding infront of scenic beautiful snowy trees
 Girl in snow taking pictures with a GoPro
 Cheat Mountain Pizza Company sign with a beautiful sunset

After a long day of skiing we had some pizza! Now this pizza was really GOOD!!  ...we had it two nights we were there!

 Outside of the pizza place

Outside of the pizza place

Bigfoot made an appearance at dinner, too!

All of the people leaving on the buses in the afternoon


And then a beautiful sunset (of course!) to end the trip.