Amy Gahan


Hey there! My name is Amy, I am a photographer who gets high-pitched-and-giggly when photographing beautiful portraits, including ones of my high school and college seniors, my couples, and small businesses (honestly, I need to get someone to record me when I’m shooting some time and link it here, lol!)

I am a junior in college and have had a camera in my hands since I was five, when I got a tiny silver point-and-shoot for Christmas. We were visiting my grandparents in Florida and my Dad sent me, my siblings, and my cousin around the neighborhood on a photo scavenger hunt. We took pictures of items on a list, things like a squirrel and a fire hydrant, and the rest is history!

I have been shooting professionally for over 5 years (and have upgraded my camera ten-fold from that tiny point-and-shoot, haha)


A little more about me…


My guy is a Sergeant in the Army and we love cooking, watching movies together, traveling, listening to music (country, pop, rap), and really just spending time together!

This is my baby, Pumpkin, but we usually call her “Cray Cray” because she can be crazy. My family’s only ever had dogs before her but she has got all of us around her little paw now! My brother found her as a kitten after school one day and she eventually climbed into his car and he brought her home!


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