I’m Amy! I run Amy G. Photography. For the past 3 years I have begun to work on my photography business and have learned a lot over that time.

With portraits I really want to give everyone confidence in themselves, it’s a really special thing to find images that we like, that not only make ourselves look good but also ones that show off something we love. Maybe that’s a pet or photos of you in your football gear. Senior pictures are so important not only to the parents but also to the seniors (we have to have good photos to post on Instagram!) even if we don’t say it. Plus they are like a gift to ourselves for working so hard through 4 years of High School!

With landscapes, travel and animals I try to capture beauty, but also a story and personality. Maybe you’ve seen Obi the Great Dane on my site with his intense eyes?

I am also very interested in taking photos for small businesses. From food trucks to Etsy shop photos I want to try my hand at photographing it all.


How Did This Happen?

I’ve been obsessed with photography ever since I got a tiny silver digital camera as a Christmas present when I was five. I was at my Grandma's house in Florida, and my Dad sent me, my sister, my brother and our cousin out in my Grandma’s neighborhood with a list of things to photograph with our cameras, like a photo scavenger hunt. I still distinctly remember taking a picture of a fire hydrant and a squirrel on this adventure (Lol!). Ever since then I’ve been glued to the idea of capturing and remembering beautiful moments with the best gear I had. From that first small digital camera I got a digital Powershot and then moved to first DSLR a Canon T2i (one of the GREATEST cameras ever!) and when that one died from too much water in the battery compartment (dealing with Florida humidity and electronics is an uphill battle) I got the camera I have now, my Canon 70D! And all along the way I’ve learned as much as I can.


I'm on Instagram!

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