Peyton - From The Archives - Raleigh North Carolina Senior / by Amy Gahan

Happy Tuesday!

Because I am doing a little website re-model, I thought I’d also go back and revisit some older sessions, refresh them, and repost them as sessions that are “from the archives”! So more of these will be reposted here soon!

Peyton’s spring session was so gorgeous and we had so much fun on this early warm March day! I loved the outfit she picked out- the layers, her cute hat, and the light we found had me seriously squealing the whole time!

Those randomly-warm days this time of year always kick up my yearning for summer soooo much! Just like how on long drives the last 30 minutes for me are the longest, those last 30 days before it actually gets warm are the longesttt! Who is with me?? Haha! I have been anxiously scrolling as far as my weather app will let me to see when we’ll get some consistent warm weather!

Anyway…lol…I hope you enjoy Peyton’s photos as much as I do! :)